Houses in Home Owners Associations 

1001 Tara Bend           10589 Aspenwood      10807 Travellers Trail      

1430 Leicster Court      183 Hickory Trail          2445 Lake Royale          

2691 South Hills Dr       2827 High Tide Dr       4150 Hawkins Crossing    

 4458 Ravenwood Dr    480 Washington Dr     5198 Hanover            

5879 Sable Chase Dr    6858 Derby Ave         70 Championship Ct      

744 Tara Bend              8721 Walworth Ct       8956 Crestview Ct

1147 Brookstone Rd


The above list of houses fall under Home Owners Association guidelines. In order to rent one of these houses, you must agree to abide by the following stipulations. These are just the main ordinances and are not limited to the lists below. Please remember, these are HOA guidelines, not Valor Homes. For a complete list, you may contact the individual HOA associated with your property. 

  • Mailbox must have numbers on it and must be in operable condition- no tape
  • Trash receptacles must be kept behind the house
  • No oil stains on driveway
  • Proper window coverings must be present (blinds, curtains) not sheets
  • Must not park on grass
  • Yards must be maintained
  • Garbage must be kept in trash receptacles
  • Christmas decorations must be taken down and put up by January 31st.
  • All motor vehicles must be up to date with their tags
  • You must get prior written approval from the HOA if you’d like to put up a basketball goal
  • No signage allowed in the yard unless you get prior written approval from the HOA.