"We will be the best landlord you ever had!"
Our mission is to provide long-term affordable homes to families. 

Valor Homes 100 LLC is owned by a Christian family. We aspire to treat everyone with respect and honor our commitments. We hope to set an increasingly higher standard for what it means to be a landlord. We are not perfect and when we make mistakes, we try to correct them. We treat all people as we wish to be treated. May God bless all those looking for a home.

We do not accept Section 8 vouchers or any other that requires an inspection.

Office Phone: 404-647-9174
Office Fax: 404-591-7945
Inquiries: leasing@valorleadership.com

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Choosing a Home

On the home page you can search for your dream home.   Clicking the "See available houses" button will display all our homes currently available for rent.  To narrow your choices you can enter parameters such as minimum or maximum rent, zip code, city, etc.  The list of homes available may be on several pages.  As you view the homes, you can click on the "map it" icon to view the location on Google maps.  You can also click "More Information" to see additional information about a particular home. Once you have selected a few choices, we suggest you ride by the different selections to determine whether you like the neighborhood, the school system, etc. 



Viewing a Home

When you are ready to view the inside of the home, please submit an application first and then call our office at 404-647-9174 Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM and 5 PM. We will then set you up with an appointment with one of our representatives to view the inside of the home. Showings are available Monday - Saturday between 9 AM and 7 PM (hours may vary by season/availability of representative).

Our representative will call you approximately a half hour before your appointment. It's important that you answer and confirm the appointment to ensure you will both be there on time. Our representatives will not travel to make a showing without a confirming phone call.


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