Your repair request is very important to us. Reporting your repair request online will get you the quickest response.  



Putting your request in writing is the most effective method because we will both have documentation which provides improved communication and certainty that a repair request isn't missed. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your requested time for appointment will be met however we will certainly try to accommodate your schedule. 

To report an emergency repair Issue after hours (M-F, 8:00-4:00) or on the weekend: Report online or text the repair cell phone at 404-563-0936.  Be sure to leave your name, address, and best contact phone number when you leave a message. Messages are checked regularly over the weekends. 


Valor Homes is not able to provide or repair the following:  

Please note... You will be charged for garage door remotes and garage door service calls.


If a repair is deemed to be the fault of the tenant, the tenant will be 100% responsible for the cost of the repair.  This includes but is not limited to garage doors and sensors, garage remotes, broken windows, clogged toilets or septic issues caused by lodged foreign objects, feminine products, excesses grease, igniting pilot, filters, and damage from running water, etc. ***All fees associated with a repair must be paid within 30 days of issuance. ***

All missed appointments will generate a $50.00 trip fee.



Policy for Locks

Lock Out (lock yourself out of home)

$50 fee
Change Locks

$125 fee

Downed Trees:
Per Georgia Tree Law: “Wherever the tree landed, that person is responsible for dealing with it regardless of where the tree came from." This means that even if the tree is on Valor Homes property and falls on or damages the neighboring property, the responsibility of the clean up and or repairs falls on the owner of the damaged property. If a tree crosses both property lines, it is both property owners’ responsibility to clean up their own property. 



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